Retirement planning is a major consideration and one we all need to take a long honest look at.

People start saving for a variety of reasons and it very much depends on the priorities of the individual. You may have short term goals such as a wedding or the deposit on a property. Ultimately though, there is one thing that we should all be saving for: our own retirement. The longer you leave it, the more costly it becomes.

Living offshore, as an expat, you are probably in a better position than most onshore investors. Hopefully, you are enjoying a higher salary with additional benefits as a result of working away from home. If you are, you may have more money than you should, simply sat in the bank.

Did you know that due to global inflation and low interest rates, the money you have in the bank is losing value?

If you live an international lifestyle, then saving, investing, and planning ahead are three things that we can help you with.

Our offshore regular savings solutions offer a flexible way for expatriates to save towards their future obligations, including retirement or children’s education.

6 Great Reasons to consider an offshore regular savings solution:

  • Investment choice – With an offshore regular savings plan, you have access to a wide range of carefully selected international investment funds. With the help of an adviser, you can also switch between different funds during the term of your plan to best reflect your approach to risk and reward.
  • Contribution choice – You can contribute on your terms, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annually. You can add in lump sums when you wish. You can save in the currency of your choice.
  • Security – These plans are operated from highly respected and well-regulated jurisdictions.
  • Multi-purpose – If your objectives change then your savings plan will adapt too.
  • Withdrawals – If you need access to some of your savings, you can. You can also access the whole amount as a lump sum at the end of your fixed term.
  • Tax – You will also benefit from investment fund growth added to the plan without deduction of tax.

Every individual’s circumstances are unique, and should be treated as such. We can provide clients with a flexible and hard-working investment strategy, based entirely around their personal circumstances.

There is no question that everyone needs money set aside for their future. The only question is how you approach it. Contact us for a free, no obligation meeting.